High AR

Mastering Turbulence through High AR

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Essential Readings

Resources for Scholars

  • Hyperturbulence and the emergence of Type 5 environments

    Joseph McCann & John Selsky
    Academy of Management Review, Volume 9, 1984.

    The authors’ extension of Emery & Trist’s well known typology of ‘causal textures of organizational environments’ (Human Relations, 1965) beyond the turbulence. A major influence on Mastering Turbulence.

  • Contrasting Perspectives of Strategy Making

    John Selsky, James Goes & Oguz Baburoglu
    Organization Studies, Volume 28, 2007.

    A theoretically rich application of turbulence concepts to strategy making.

  • Cross-Sector Partnerships to Address Social Issues

    John Selsky & Barbara Parker
    Journal of Management, Volume 31, 2005.

    A review article on the growing use of partnerships to deal with turbulence at an ecosystem level.

  • Interface Dynamics in Cause-Based Partnerships

    Barbara Parker & John Selsky
    Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Volume 33, 2004.

    Discusses the cultural issues involved in partnerships between businesses and nonprofit organizations.

  • Community Entrepreneurship

    John Selsky & Anthony Smith
    The Leadership Quarterly, Volume 5, 1994.

    Explores how small nonprofits can help to stimulate change for improvement in a community, based on 2 interlinked cases.